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Irene Brunetti

Irene Brunetti

Irene Brunetti
– ESR 13 –

Home institution:

InnovationLab GmbH
Speyerer Straße 4
69115 Heidelberg, Germany

ESR project:

OTEGs fabricated by scalable printing techniques


Irene Brunetti earned her Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering in 2017 at the University of Pisa with a thesis about the basic working principles of organic thin-film transistors. She obtained her Master of Sciences in Electronics Engineering in 2019 with a thesis about an innovative acoustical sensor. Thereafter, she chose to start her research activity in the Department of Information Engineering in Pisa in the field of “printable electronics” with focus on simulation, design and implementation of printed electronic circuits on paper. She took part in many European projects, such as PEP2D, WASP, and ORIGENAL.

Current research

Irene is currently part of the HORATES network working on OTEGs fabricated by scalable printing techniques at InnovationLab GmbH in Heidelberg, Germany.