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Find the latest reports and scientific outputs from the HORATES network, as well as resources that will be built up in the course of the project.


Our yearly newsletter informs about the acitivites in HORATES.

Materials library

Organic and hybrid thermoelectric (TE) materials can be designed using a large variety of constituents and processing conditions and further characterized regarding their TE performances using different experimental methods. One of the goals of HORATES is to build a free-acces library of thermoelectric materials, based on existing literature as well as our own research.

Our library of TE materials has several important objectives. First, it can help the community to collect the important information necessary to select the most promising TE systems to design thermoelectric generators. Second, the collected physical properties and associated data can be the starting point for machine-learning based investigations and selections of most promising TE systems. Similar approaches were recently followed for organic and perovskite-based materials used for solar cells design.

As a starting point, the TE library is constituted of two xls files collecting the important information on both p-type and n-type materials. During the course of the ITN project, these xls files will gradually collect more data including inorganic TE systems (no database for inorganic TE materials exists so far). To access the library, you can click on the links to the two xls files that will be updated during the project.

Research articles

HORATES research published peer-reviewed journals.


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