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ESR Project 10

Investigating the electronic structure and figures of merit of novel thermoelectric materials

Federico Ferrari (ESR 10)

Home Institution:
University of Groningen, Netherlands

1st Secondment:
Linköping University, Sweden

2nd Secondment:
InnovationLab, Germany

Jan Anton Koster (Groningen)

Igor Zozoulenko (Linköping)

Map ESR Project 10


  • Measurement of the density-of-states (DOS) of doped organic semiconductors and linking the DOS to the Seebeck coefficient and conductivity
  • Development and validation of multiphysics models for device design
  • Optimization of device design through the use of multiphysics modelling

Expected results

  • Measurement of the DOS in a number of n- and p-doped systems as well as on hybrid systems
  • The establishment of a direct link between DOS and Seebeck coefficient in doped organics semiconductors
  • Development and experimental validation of multiphysics models for organic thermoelectric devices
  • Improved and optimized design of organic thermoelectric generators

Skills acquired

  • Finite-element modelling of thermoelectric devices
  • Electrical characterization and electrochemical measurements of the DOS