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ESR Project 15

Design, fabrication and validation of electronics control unit integrated with OTEGs

Matías Nicolás Joglar (ESR 15)

Home Institution:
Eurecat Centre Tecnològic, Spain

1st Secondment:
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy (IIT)

2nd Secondment:
InnovationLab, Germany

Ana Moya Lara, Paul Lacharmoise (Eurecat)

Mario Caironi (IIT)

Map ESR Project 15


  • Development of the flexible electronics control unit using printing techniques
  • Rules to design a low-consumption flexible printed electronics
  • Design a prototype of a totally autonomous system based on the technical specifications of the previously developed technologies, an electronic circuit adapted to energy consumption
  • Develop and fabricate the electronics control unit with the hybridization of rigid components
  • Integration of the OTEGs with the ECU to power manage an autonomous sensing application, demonstrating that the own manufacturing technology is robust to be used commercially in the near future considering the wide range of applications of these systems

Expected results

  • Define and determine design rules to develop printing electronics circuits
  • Fabricate the flexible electronics with hybridized rigid components to manage a sensor
  • Develop a fully autonomous modular system which integrates the OTEG for the energy nanogenerator, an energy storage, a sensor and a data communication system

Skills acquired

  • Screen-printing
  • Pick and place
  • Design and characterization of printed electronics