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ESR Project 3

Design, fabrication and characterization of stable and efficient micro-organic thermoelectric generators

Nathan James Pataki (ESR 3)

Home Institution:
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy (IIT)

1st Secondment:
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Institut Charles Sadron, France (CNRS)

2nd Secondment:
InnovationLab, Germany

Mario Caironi (IIT)

Martin Brinkmann (CNRS)

Map ESR Project 3


  • Develop an expertise in printing of organic and hybrid TE materials, to improve the architecture of TEGs and the fabrication of printed micro-OTEGs with the aim of exceeding 1 μW/cm2 at ΔT = 10 K.
  • Formulation of printable doped semiconductor inks of the most efficient and stable TE materials developed in WP1
  • Printing tests of the inks formulations for both vertical and rolled/folded geometries, focusing on inkjet, laser writing and screen printing
  • Design and development of proof-of-concept TEGs (up to few legs) by printing techniques, considering the architecture allowing the best thermal conversion given by COMSOL simulations
  • Development of suitably encapsulated all-direct-written TE micro-OTEGs (12 x 12 thermocouples in one cm2) on plastic substrates
  • Short and long operational stability tests of printed TE modules.

Expected results

  • Reliable processing of doped polymer by scalable printing
  • Improved design of TE modules
  • Fabrication of stable printed micro-OTEGs

Skills acquired

  • Solution-processing of TE materials
  • Inkjet, laser writing and screen printing of functional materials and devices
  • Design and characterization of OTEGs and modules