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ESR Project 5

Synthesis and solution processing of novel p-type conjugated polymers

Joost Kimpel (ESR 5)

Home Institution:
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

1st Secondment:
Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

2nd Secondment:
InnovationLab, Germany

Christian Müller (Chalmers)

Michael Sommer (Chemnitz)

Map ESR Project 5


  • Synthesis of p-type conjugated polymers, esp. polythiophenes, with different types of polar side chains based on oligoethylene glycol, to achieve a low ionization potential and good solubility
  • Synthesis of polar conjugated polymers with different side chain lengths and branching to optimize solid state packing
  • Synthesis of copolymers of polar polythiophenes with non-conjugated blocks to adjust rheological and mechanical properties
  • Upscaling of the synthesis of the two most promising materials to the 10-gram scale.

Expected results

  • New polythiophenes with optimal side chain type that can be processed together with p-dopants from the same solution and show optimal thermoelectric performance
  • Synthesis of the two most promising materials upscaled to the 10-gram scale, for delivery to WP2 and 4.

Skills acquired

  • In-depth understanding of synthesis and characterization of conjugated polymers, including upscaling
  • Basic knowledge of TE characterization techniques