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ESR Project 8

Design and synthesis of n-type conjugated polymers for organic thermoelectric generators

Qifan Li (ESR 8)

Home Institution:
Linköping University, Sweden

1st Secondment:
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy (IIT)

2nd Secondment:
Hot Disk AB, Sweden

Simone Fabiano (Linköping)

Mario Caironi (IIT)

Map ESR Project 8


  • Investigation of the newly discovered dopant-free high-conductivity polymeric systems based on ground-state electron transfer
  • Characterization of the TE properties of the dopant-free conductive polymers
  • Development of high- conductivity inks for scalable deposition processes such as inkjet and screen printing, as well as optimization of the coating/printing processes
  • Fabrication and characterization of printed mini-module TEGs

Expected results

  • Understanding the mechanism of ground-state electron transfer in donor-acceptor polymer heterojunctions and its impact on the polymer blend TE properties
  • Developing conductive inks and scalable deposition processes
  • Printing of TE mini-module prototype with record performance

Skills acquired

  • Design and characterization of multicomponent electronic materials
  • Printing of functional materials and devices
  • Design and characterization of TE modules