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Qifan Li

Qifan Li

Qifan Li
– ESR 8 –

Home institution:

Linköping University
Laboratory of Organic Electronics
581 83 Linköping, Sweden

ESR project:

Design and synthesis of n-type conjugated polymers for organic thermoelectric generators


Qifan Li earned his Master of Chemistry in 2020 at Tianjin University (China) under supervision of Prof. Chun Zhang and Prof Junan Ma. He competed his master thesis project “Copper-catalyzed highly selective 1,2-addition of 1,3-dienes”.

Current research

Motivated by utility of synthetic chemistry, he started his PhD funded by HORATES, focusing on synthesizing new n-type conjugated polymers which would be used as organic thermoelectric generators.


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  2. Zhang, R., Q. Li, M. Zhang, S. Chai, Y. Duan, J. Su, Q. Zhao and C. Zhang, Copper and palladium co-catalyzed highly regio-selective 1,2-hydroarylation of terminal 1,3-dienes. Chem. Commun. 56 13551-13554 (2020).