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Najmeh Zahabi

Najmeh Zahabi

Najmeh Zahabi
– ESR 9 –

Home institution:

Linköping University
Laboratory of Organic Electronics
Campus Norrköping
581 83 Linköping, Sweden

ESR project:

Computational simulation, and modelling of novel organic thermoelectric materials


Najmeh Zahabi earned Bachelor’s degree in Physics Engineering from Alzahra University in 2018. She worked on the measurement of surface tension during her Bachelor’s. In 2020 she received a Master’s degree from the Iran University of Science and Technology. She dealt with the spin-dependent transmission in a quantum hexagonal phosphorene ring attached to three terminals in her Master’s thesis.

Current research

Najmeh is currently pursuing her PhD funded by HORATES, working on computational simulation and modelling of novel organic thermoelectric materials under the supervision of Prof. Igor Zozoulenko in the Laboratory of Organic Electro at Linköping University.